Nyarra lives in Bajagrr, a rural village in The Gambia. She would wake early each day to start her 2 hour walk to school.

Sometimes she would wait in the dark for a bus but most of the time it simply wouldn't come.

Nyarra told us how she would get to school very late and tired. Sometimes she would miss lessons or go home because the journey was too long. 

Nyarra is one of the children who benefited from the Cycle to School pilot project and now she uses her bike to get to school in 30 minutes.

Now that I can peddle to school in 30 minutes, I have time to rest before lessons start! I never miss school now. I feel very lucky to have a bicycle and the people who gave it to me are very kind - thank you Re-Cycle. Nyarra

Having no transport robs everyone in Nyarra’s community of a good education.
What makes the Cycle to School project even more special is that each child is also taught how to ride their bike and is equipped with basic bike maintenance skills, so they can keep their bike running smoothly for years to come.

Nyarra's hard-working mum Sonna lost her husband and Nyarra’s father to illness. She relies on her daughter to help out before and after school but the journey to and from school alone would take over four hours, leaving Nyarra exhausted and forced to choose between helping her mother or going to school.

Now she can do both!

We are now trying to reach 600 children like Nyarra from rural communities in Ghana, The Gambia and Sierra Leone. Please donate now to help make this happen.