Our corporate partner Halfords allows us to accept donations from all over the country.

Almost 100 Halfords stores nationwide take part in our Drop-off point scheme, allowing people from Inverness to Eastboune to donate their bike to our charity. See a full list of Halfords drop-off point stores or search for your local drop-off point

Sharing our vision since 2013, Halfords have collected over 30,000 bikes for us, and because a bike is usually used by the whole family, they have potentially improved the lives of over 180,000 people. 

Look out for their nationwide trade-in events where you can save money in exchange for your bike donation. 

Want to donate a bike through Halfords?

Here's how to do it:

  • Search for your nearest drop off point, here and fill in the form so we know it's coming. 

  • Take your bike to your chosen store

Tell a member of staff that you would like to donate your bike to Re-Cycle. They will accept the bike and store it safely until their delivery driver brings it to us.

  • Tell your friends about Re-Cycle!

We rely on public donations, so remember to tell your friends and family about us. We'd like no bikes to ever end up at landfill, help us achieve this by spreading our message. 

It can take up to a few weeks for your bike to reach us, but we will use your information to look out for it when our deliveries come in.

  • Look out for an update from us!

When our next container is scheduled, we will send you an email and let you know where your bike is likely to go and who it’s likely to help.