Ghana has a population of about 29.6 million with 44% of the population living in rural towns and villages.

Our hope is that by providing bikes to these communities, we can help people thrive. We can help them transport goods and produce to market quickly, allowing them to earn more money. We can help children get to school safely and create jobs for people selling and fixing the bikes. 

Public transport is sometimes available in larger towns but it is expensive and often unreliable. Unlike the cities in Ghana, rural towns and communities are often linked with poor roads filled with potholes or dusty tracks. Four wheeled vehicles are too expensive to buy for most people living in these communities and if they did have access to a vehicle, it would be almost impossible to drive due the poor quality of the roads.


Population: 25.5 Million

Capital: Accra

Area: 238,533 sq km (92,098 sq miles)

Major languages: English, African languages including Akan, Ewe 

Major religions: Christianity, indigenous beliefs, Islam

Life expectancy: 64 years (men), 66 years (women)

Currency: Cedi

UN, World Bank