The Project

Thanks to our supporters, we've been able to travel to some of the most rural parts of Africa to identify exactly where our bikes are needed most.

Many school children living in rural West Africa have to walk over two hours to get to school each day. This means many children in miss the opportunity to be educated.

With this project, we are aiming to change the lives of school children like Nyarra who we met when we visited Bajagrr, a rural village in The Gambia. Nyarra walked miles each day to get to and from school.

Right now, we have a fantastic opportunity to transform the lives of an incredible 600 school children in time for the beginning of spring term. 

How can bikes help?

A bike can travel 4 x the speed of a person walking, meaning 2 hours of walking turns into 30 minutes of pedaling. 

Leaving more time and energy to learn!

We're not only sending bikes as part of this project. We are also training local mechanics close to the school so that the bikes remain useful and safe.


Our Impact

We launched the Cycle to School Pilot Programme in November 2017 and our initial assessment shows that both school attendance and grades increased once the children had a bike.