What we do

We recycle bikes from the UK and send them to rural communities in Africa.

Where to donate your bike

Use our location tool to find your nearest drop off point. Find out more


Author: Tom Laker

Why bikes?

When walking is your only option for getting about, life can be hard. People living in rural Africa often walk for miles each day to fetch water, or to get to school or work. A bike can change someone's life.


Author: Tom Laker

Ways you can make a difference

Our fundraisers have done some pretty amazing things to raise money for Re-Cycle. What will you do? Also visit our shop and help us continue our work.


Author: Tom Laker

We've sent over 100,000 bikes to Africa, but we're not done yet

Our Impact


We’ve helped increase school attendance by 30%


We've sent 101,388 bikes to Africa in the last 20 years


98% of bikes are still in operational after 3 years

When just getting somewhere can be a whole adventure!

In some parts of Africa it can take up to 4 hours to get to school, water or other necessities. We provide used bikes from the UK to people in rural Africa who need them and we teach them how to maintain them. 

Giving people more time to earn, learn and enjoy life. 



  • Eroica Limburg Cycling Event

    During the weekend of 28 and 29 June the fourth edition of Eroica Limburg will take place. Limburg and it's border regions will host this special and unique retro cycling event. This year the riders can choose out of four different and unique routes. Read more

  • Saturday Bike Sale

    We open on the last Saturday of the month for our Bike Sales, apart from September and December. We are not open on Bank Holidays. Read more