Pages for African Partners

Information and resources for our African partners on parts, tools, problems and fixes.

Shipments sent in 2012

We set ourselves an ambitious target of sending 12 shipments this year (we sent 9 in 2011). Sadly our relocation to new premises that took place in September disrupted our shipping plans for the latter part of the year and we ended up only shipping 9 containers from January to December 2012. However, 2013 started with flourish and we shipped 6 containerloads in the first 5 months and are hoping that we will set a new record for number of bikes shipped.

Shipments sent in 2010

January - Glad's House Bikes, Mombasa, Kenya

  • Shipment loaded 28 & 29 January
  • 390 bikes shipped - but sadly no Royal Mail bikes in stock

February - Ghana, Village Bicycle Project & Ezetala

  • Shipment loaded 25 & 26 Feb
  • 365 bikes loaded including 72 ex. Royal Mail bikes
  • Container purchased to stay with Ezetala for conversion to workshop

Previous partners


The Asante Akim Multipurpose Community Telecentre

Target beneficiaries included students, teachers and local farmers. We have not shipped to them for several years since their focus shifted to running IT and other training courses sponsored by the Ghanaian government.


A flagship bicycle repair workshop is now very sadly closed although Prosper, one of the mechanics that was trained has now set up his own small bicycle repair workshop in Dodowa.

Toggle chain - for hub gears

BEN Namibia asked aouut where they can get the gear chain / toggle chain.

Pashley advises that Sturmey Hubs are NOT M10.5, they are 13/32 BSC. Try Chronos Ltd or a similar company.
If you tell us what type of toggle chain / spindle is required we may be able to look at this further.

Tools - Problems & Fixes

This page is for our African partners for any technical issues about bike tools.

We get donations of 'normal' tools, such as spanners, files, vices, from our partners organisations, Tools With a Mission (TWAM) and Tools for Self Reliance (TFSR). This tends to be more for start up projects, though please ask if you need something.