How to help and get involved

How to help and get involved.

How to organise a bike collection in your local community

We need 500 bikes to fill a container … some local people have managed to collect more than 100 bikes very quickly … there are so many unwanted bikes in people’s sheds and garages!

The secret is organisation … a rural community in The Chew Valley near Bristol collected over 500 bikes in 3 weeks … a local business donated transport to get the bikes to us … collection day was every Sunday between 9 am and noon.

How did they do it? One person got a team together (the team bit is important - Together Everyone Acheives More) to organise the main activities …

Corporate Support

Partner with Re~Cycle to help bikes change lives in Africa and bring genuine benefits to your company. 

We greatly value our corporate partners and supporters who help us to raise vital awareness and funds, collect unwanted bikes saving them from disuse and landfill, and ultimately help change lives.


We're a fairly small organisation that benefits greatly from the support of our wonderful team of volunteers and we are always looking for others to join us. We hope to make volunteering for Re-Cycle a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all. Having a practical nature is useful but appropriate training is provided and the only qualification needed is enthusiasm.

How To - Do a Sponsored Bike Ride or Charity Bicycle Ride

In 2010, Rob Forbes cycled 20184km from Cirencester, England to Rustenberg, South Africa, raising £23,205 for Re~Cycle. Riding a bike and raising some money is fast becoming Britain’s favourite sport. Not sure how to do so? Our avid cyclers at Re~Cycle have put together a guide on how to organise and complete (and rock) a sponsored charity bike ride. Here’s to doing good, new friends, and adventures on the road.

Get Involved

Donate your unwanted bike to us

This is the most obvious, and easiest way for anyone to help us. We always need new bikes and can make use of almost anything in almost any condition. Find your nearest drop-off location or participating Halfords store.

Ride for Africa

Do a sponsored bike ride (or fundraising event) for Re~Cycle, on your own or with friends and colleagues.