Sponsored Rides

A sponsored bike ride can be a great way to raise money for any charity, so we've put together a great selection of resources to help you on your mission.

Cycling events terms and conditions

1a. You commit to raising at least the minimum sponsorship for Re-Cycle for the event you have signed up for. If you are unable to meet the minimum sponsorship, you agree to making up the balance yourself.

1b. For all events, your full minimum sponsorship amount must be received by Re-Cycle within 4 weeks of the event date.

2. If you do not take part in the event, any sponsorship money raised will be treated as donations unless your sponsors contact Re-Cycle directly for a refund.


At Re~Cycle we love bikes and anything that means spending more time on a bike is good with us, if it means that we can raise more money and send more bikes to our partners then even better. We have a number of places on different rides giving you the opportunity to join Team Re~Cycle.

Nightrider - London, June

How To - Do a Sponsored Bike Ride or Charity Bicycle Ride

In 2010, Rob Forbes cycled 20184km from Cirencester, England to Rustenberg, South Africa, raising £23,205 for Re~Cycle. Riding a bike and raising some money is fast becoming Britain’s favourite sport. Not sure how to do so? Our avid cyclers at Re~Cycle have put together a guide on how to organise and complete (and rock) a sponsored charity bike ride. Here’s to doing good, new friends, and adventures on the road.

Training for a sponsored bike ride

You can’t prepare for every eventuality on the road, but you can ensure that you maximise the fun of your charity bicycle ride from day one by starting with a decent fitness base. Don’t just rely on the fact that you will get fitter as you tour – some basic training and preparation will help ensure that you feel comfortable and confident on your bike, and will help avoid any injuries as your body adjusts to long days on the bike.

Kit for Sponsored Ride


Handlebar Bag, Panniers, Saddlebag

  • easy access, for food, phone, money
  • some have map pocket on top
  • can get clip off ones, with strap


    Get one of these. Seriously. They're an absolute lifesaver (if chain breaks...), and include (amongst other things):