Stories & Reports

Stories of lives impacted and families transformed, and reports from our African Partner organisations.

Two wheels putting children on the road to a better life

For years, it was a long, hot and dusty walk to school. By the time Halimatou Ceesas, 12, had made the three-mile journey in the Gambian sun, she was tired and often late.

Halimatou’s mother sells bread and beans by the side of the road; her father mends televisions and solar chargers for a living. “We are poor,” Halimatou says simply, explaining why they didn’t have the money for her bus fare.

Then a small miracle happened. These days Halimatou has got wheels, she has a shiny, much-loved blue bike on long-term loan.

Africa Feedback

We have developed bicycle-pulled ambulances for use in rural areas of Namibia to improve access to heath-care. The ambulances are ‘stretchers on wheels’ that attach to normal bicycles and tow a sick person or pregnant woman to a hospital or clinic where no other transport is available.

Reports from African Partner projects and about bicycles (and transport) in Africa

Below you can find reports from our African partner organisations.

Ghana, Village Bicycle Project (VBP)

VBP report Krumoa (part 2) 2008 (.pdf)
VBP report Bumadumasi 2008 (.pdf)

Ghana misc

Visit to Ghana by Khaya 2004 (.pdf)

South Africa, Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN)

Visit by Alex, volunteer from London, Jannuary 2010

Uganda, BSWP

Project report 2004, Uganda (.pdf)