London to Canterbury, Tour de France route, 182km and 2046m climbing!

The London to Canterbury route is not for the faint hearted! It follows the route of the Tour De France, including four hill climbs (a total of 2046m!), so is quite a challenge.

Some lovely people from Transport for London (TfL) kindly did this as a sponsored ride for Re~Cycle. They put together a cache of amazing information which we're able to share with you here.

Getting back afterwards:

Southeastern Trains do a group ticket for groups of 3 or 4 where you pay for 2 tickets and the rest go free. So for those heading back to London by train it’d be good to go in groups to make savings.

BIG thanks to Craig and the whole TfL crew for an inspiring event, and the comedy and music night.

Thanks to Nick for the spreadsheet with the route timings, Duncan and Richard for the one that formed the detailed route sheet. Nick also did the OS mapping printouts, Neal did the turn by turn map books.