What type of bike do you want and in what condition?

We are very pleased to receive any cycle (particularly adult size) that is in at least reasonable condition or better. We ship all types of bikes to Africa, as long as they can be put into 'going condition', without needing hours and hours of work. It doesn't make sense to devote a huge amount of time fixing just one cycle in very poor condition when that time could be better spent fixing several others that require less-major work.

From 2017 we are not sending full suspesion bikes as the quality tends to be poor.

My cycle is damaged and/or broken and/or has bits missing - is it useful to you?

If it is reasonably clean and not rusted up, we can strip most cycles down for spare parts - these are shipped to Africa alongside the cycles. Spare parts are vital to ensure that bikes can be repaired and kept going.

I have a cycle that has been left outside for years - is it useful to you?

If a cycle is very rusty and you don't think we will be able to strip out anything useful, it would be better to take it to your local scrap-metal recycling point. Cycles that have been kept in a shed or garage and just have a bit of rust, a layer or two of dust and/or flat tyres are OK.