Bike shipments planned for 2014

Shipping Schedule 2014 (provisional)

We have set ourselves a very provisional target of sending 24 shipments this year (we sent 9 in 2012 and are aiming to send 16 in 2013).

Summary of requested bookings 2014

2 x BEN, Namibia

2 x BEN, South Africa (including one to a new Bicycling Empowerment Centre)

6 x Glad’s House, Kenya

2 x Mchinji Bike Project, Malawi

1 x Ability Bikes Cooperative, Ghana (asked 2, May + October)

6 x Village Bicycle Project, Ghana

3 x Kaloko Trust, Zambia (to be sent in April, July & October)

1 x WYCE, The Gambia

1 x New Partner (Kenya or Madagascar tbc)