Re~Cycle is keen to share ideas and information - here's where we're putting them. 

If you've got any suggestions, please get in touch / involved.

Bike Technology

Making use of old bicycles is a key part to Re~Cycle's work. This page should give you a comprehensive guide on how you can get started, constructing tools from old bike parts (including our famous bike trailer), or just learning a bit about how to look after your own bike.

Stories & Reports

Stories of lives impacted and families transformed, and reports from our African Partner organisations.


Ways you can help raise money for Re~Cycle.

How to help and get involved

How to help and get involved.

Image galleries

Photo stories and images grouped by theme.

Pages for African Partners

Information and resources for our African partners on parts, tools, problems and fixes.

Press information

Useful information and media for members of the press.


Various media, files, posters to assist with Re~Cycle stuff.

Sponsored Rides

A sponsored bike ride can be a great way to raise money for any charity, so we've put together a great selection of resources to help you on your mission.


Videos and short films about Re~Cycle and our impact in Africa.