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Village Bicycle Project provide bikes to rural villages and small scale bike retailers. Hold one-day bike workshops at which local villagers are invited. The villagers learn how to do basic bike repairs and how to ride a bike safely. At the end of the workshop the VBP team sell the bikes at about one third of the local market price.

They believe that selling the bikes means people are more likely to keep and look after them. They nominate an ‘organiser’ in each village who co-ordinates and promotes the workshop prior to the day. They try to ensure 20% of the people attending are women. VBP carefully select villages that have little or no transport links. The village is visited prior to deciding whether or not to work there. VBP sell about 70% of the bikes to wholesalers in Accra. This income covers the shipping and customs costs and enables them to offer subsidies in rural areas.

Jason Finch is the VBP’s Country Director. He visits the villages a few months later to assess how the bikes are being used. During these visits he collects good quality case studies. 

Our Impact
  • Improved mobility
  • and income for rural individuals and families
  • Improved sustainability of local bike shops (wholesale bike parts) 
Bikes sent SINCE 2003

25,425 as at May 2016

A Village Bicycle Project (VBP) Story

Harriet is a 14 year old student in Asiri, Ghana. Her daily commute is not far, but her parents encouraged her to attend a bicycle workshop, as a bicycle would help with her daily chores. She's pictured en route to the stand pipe to collect water. Each of those yellow water cans weighs 18kg when full! She can carry two on her bicycle! When asked what she'd learnt in the workshop, she told him all about how to patch a puncture. She bought a patch kit and a pump. She's ready!



You can provide transport, access to education, and income for people who need it most. Your contribution will help bicycle projects in Africa.

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