A Bike transforms a Life - Luvo Matwa

Luvo Matwa

Age 17, Grade 11
Imizamo Yethu, Houtbay

An African teenager on his bicycle
Luvo on his new bike
For some time now Luvo and his brother want to buy a bike. They could both use it for different purposes, but unfortunately they don’t have enough money. Luvo has always wanted a bike, this is why he contacted Themba, the Independent Bike Dealer from BEN, and asked him how he could get a bike for a good rate.

Luvo has a lot of reasons for using a bicycle. His school is six kilometers from his home. Every day he is being picked up by a car which transports him and his friends to school. But Luvo’s family is running out of money, because his three brothers and sister also need public transport to get to school. The taxi fees are expensive and there is no alternative transport they can use to get to school.

Not only would Luvo use the bike to get to school, but also for exercising. Themba is starting up a cycle club. This way he can train people to become cyclists on a professional level and also get the children of the streets. This way Luvo could meet some other people who are interested in cycling and really belong to a group. Although BEN provides ten bicycles to this club, it’s easier if you already own a bike. When you finish under ten at a race, you lose your bicycle to someone else. Luvo would love to join this cycle club with his own bicycle and make from his hobby a sport.

The bicycle is a popular way of transport in Imizamo Yethu. Lots of little children have a bike to play with and to get around in the neighborhood. Luvo knows that if he would have a bicycle everybody would be excited and curious about how he got it.

When BEN decided to donate Luvo one of the sponsored bikes he was taken by surprise. He couldn’t wait to show his brother the bike and really use it as a way of transport. It was a dream come true. That’s why he promised Themba that he would come back to his shop for two weeks and help him out with small tasks. Just as a thank you.