Non financial donations

We also welcome donations of: 

  • Bikes of all types*
  • Bike tools are very useful
  • Bicycle parts are always in big demand
  • Bicycle accessories - locks, water bottles, lights, child seats with fittings etc.
  • Bike manuals and books (to help promote a cycling culture)
  • Workshop Tools - especially bike specific tools but also general workshop tools such as:
    • metric size spanners
    • socket sets
    • hammers
    • screwdrivers
    • hacksaws
    • allen keys
    • pliers, files etc.
  • Wood and Metal Working tools (which we collect for TWAM - see Links for more information)
  • Sewing Machines (also collected for TWAM)

* Most will be shipped to Africa, some are stripped for spare parts which are shipped and a few that are not suitable for African roads will be refurbished and sold with all proceeds going towards our running costs. See here for details