JustGiving - for sponsored events

JustGiving is an online system where you can set up a page for collecting money for Re~Cycle, and they reclaim the tax that donor have paid already. Sponship form, great for sponsored rides, etc: "an incredibly convenient, quick and secure way of raising funds from your contacts both in the UK and overseas".

Why should I use JustGiving?:

  • The system will reclaim the donors tax for you through Gift Aid
  • You can see who's donated
  • Anyone can send a message with their donation
  • You won't have to chase people up for money afterwards!
  • It does not cost the charity much (the small percentage comes out of Gift Aid)
  • You can get a fancy widget to put in your e-mails, so people can see what you are raising money for, how donations are going and any latest messages - get it HERE
  • You can get a facebook widget to spread the word - HERE

Screenshot of the JustGiving widget
An example widget

Getting the best from your JustGiving page.

The following tips should ensure that your page is as effective as possible in raising big money:

  • Spend a little time in making your page as involving as possible.  Go for either an emotional or humorous theme – something that will make an impact on your recipients.
  • Use a photo to back your theme up, and make sure that you include some information on Re~Cycle in your message.  For a good example, see what one a London Marathon runner has done HERE
  • Rather than e-mailing all your contacts straight away with your page address, send it firstly to a select list of contacts who you can rely on to donate a generous amount. Future sponsors tend to match what has already been pledged, so the higher your initial donations, the more you should raise overall
  • Instead of e-mailing a simple web link to your JustGiving page, use a JustGiving widget. The widget has a little graphic that automatically updates whenever someone makes a donation to your fundraising page. The widget links directly to your fundraising page so your contacts can easily visit to add their own donation. To set up your widget, visit your own page and click on “promote this page” (under the fundraising thermometer). Then click on “grab a fundraising widget” and simply copy the code provided onto your site to see the widget appear.  Your widget can also be placed on blogs and web forums
  • E-mail your widget to all your e-mail contacts – personal and work- related, in the UK or overseas
  • Mention the benefits of giving online in your e-mail, especially that an extra 28% in Gift Aid is automatically added to donations made by UK taxpayers
  • Change your e-mail auto-signature to include your widget or page address so that every email you send out promotes your event and catches people’s attention
  • Use your company’s communication vehicles (corporate newsletters, Intranet sites, message boards etc) to publicise your event and your JustGiving page
  • If your local paper or trade publication carries an article promoting your event, make sure it includes your page address
  • Keep your supporters in the loop.  Send them an occasional email to let them know how your training is going, and how much sponsorship you have raised
  • Don’t stop after the event!  20% of all online donations come in after the event has taken place.  Tell everyone how it went, put a photo of you crossing the finishing line on your page, update your blog, let everyone know the nasty recovery stories!  This will mean that those who have yet to sponsor you no longer have any excuse to drag their heals!

From all at Re~Cycle, on behalf of our African partners and from those who ultimately receive the bikes: Thank you.