How many bikes do you get in a container?

The number of bikes usually loaded is approximately 500 (typically 480-520). The number depends on the type and size of bike, as well as the quantity of bulky items such as wheels and tyres requested. If there are a number of children's bikes there will be more as they're small and take up less space. Royal Mail (RM) bikes, sadly now in short supply, take up more space because the bikes are great but bulky. Over the years, by constantly perfecting packing and loading techniques we have increased the average number of bikes per shipment to Africa from 350 to 500. We are proud of this achievement as not only has it lowered to shipping cost per bike but also an extra 150 people now directly benefit from getting a bike each shipment (or 900 inderectly as research shows an average of 6 people use each bike).