Where do you get the bikes from?

We are fortunate to received bikes donated to us from many different sources from one or two at a time from the general public to many thousands a year from Halfords our main Corporate Partner. In between we receive bikes from many groups and organisations including Companies, Schools, Rotary Clubs, Churches and Scouts Groups who organise mass collections of bikes and bring them to us. Local Police Stations and Colchester Borough Council donate abandoned bikes. Other bike recycling projects send us bikes surplus to their needs and we have many supporters in the Bike Industry including manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Over many years we received thousands of ex. postmans' bikes from The Royal Mail  and these were great as they are high quality bikes and designed for load carrying although they have now been all but phased.

Bikes are either dropped off to us here at Colchester or at one of our many drop off points over the country.