How to organise a bike collection in your local community

We need 500 bikes to fill a container … some local people have managed to collect more than 100 bikes very quickly … there are so many unwanted bikes in people’s sheds and garages!

The secret is organisation … a rural community in The Chew Valley near Bristol collected over 500 bikes in 3 weeks … a local business donated transport to get the bikes to us … collection day was every Sunday between 9 am and noon.

How did they do it? One person got a team together (the team bit is important - Together Everyone Acheives More) to organise the main activities …


  1. Prepare and distribute posters and leaflets 
  2. Involve local newspaper (link coming soon to example press release and three press articles)
  3. The local radio station advertised the event every Saturday morning
  4. Spoke to local service clubs, Rotary, Round Table, Lions and faith groups (link coming soon to ‘Where do you get the bikes from’)


  • The village hall was booked for the Sunday mornings
  • Large cars were needed to collect bikes from people’s homes - trailer or van would help


A local farmer donated space in a barn but an unused warehouse would do for short term storage.


  • 100 plus bikes will need an articulated lorry
  • 80 bikes fit into a 7.5 tonner
  • 35/40 – need a Luton van
  • 20 bikes will go into a long wheel based transit
  • You need help to pack the bikes onto the vehicles