Thanks to

We are extremely fortunate the have the support of many companies, groups and individuals - far too many to mention all but we would like to express our deepest thanks to all who have helped Re~Cycle over the last ten years. Thousands of people have donated bicycles that are now enjoying a new lease of life in Africa and helping to massively improve peoples lives.

Many more have made financial donations that have enabled us to run the operation and ship the bikes to our partners.

We have also benefited from the hard work of our star team of volunteers who prepare the bikes for shipping and help with the exhausting work of loading them into shipping containers.

Companies & Organisations



Anyone who's donated a bike, some money, their time, or just dropped by to see what we're about deserve a big thank you, but a special mention goes to the following:

  • Allister Carey of the Eleanor Foundation
  • Kevin Ablitt (The Bicycle Doctor, Ipswich)
  • Neil Allen
  • Simon Alston (Cairo to Capetown Ride)
  • Thomas Clark
  • Rachel & Joe Eden
  • Rob Forbes (the toughest ever triathalon?)
  • Cecilia Fry
  • Michael Groll
  • Amanda Kiernan
  • Kevin Hughes & friends
  • Julia & Stuart
  • Nick Manley
  • Craig Northam (Cairo to Capetown Ride)
  • Will & Ed Stevens (Tall Bike Tour)
  • Vanessa Watson and The Chew Valley crew
  • Hilary Wilson
  • James Wilson (NZ)
  • Diana Wright & her many supporters
  • Lastly our dear friends and volunteers David Hunt and John Overnell (RIP)