A new breed of charity

Re~Cycle represents a new breed of charity - offering 360-degree impact - where the donors, organisers, distributors, recipients and the environment as a whole all benefit in a complementary and sustainable way.

Re-cycle volunteers loading bikes

The people who donate the bikes

  • Want to find a good home for their bike
  • Like the extra space generated
  • Are glad that they don't have to throw the bike away
  • Are delighted that its being put to such good use!

Our UK volunteers

  • Contribute invaluably to our work
  • Bring new ideas
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain confidence and self esteem
  • Meet new people

African Partners

  • Bike projects add on to existing projects ie care of orphans
  • Increase the value of bikes by building trailers & bicycle ambulances
  • Create local employment
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their outreach workers
  • Provide bicycles as a tool of social change

Men fixing bicycle wheels in an African workshop

Recipients in Africa

  • Saved from long arduous, exhausting journeys on foot
  • Can better carry water, fire wood and produce to markets
  • Can better access education, health care and employment
  • Have more time to be productive
  • Gain employment repairing bikes, providing a local delivery service etc.
  • Learn new skills in bike repair

A converted shipping container used as an African bicycle workshop


  • Bicycles are super eco-friendly
  • Already manufactured so no energy or resources used
  • Are non polluting
  • Are easy to maintain and repair
  • Don't require expensive roads
  • Sent by ship, low environmental impact
  • Are appropriate for local road conditions