Latest shipment on its way to Ghana 15 June 2012

The latest container load of bikes and spares for The Village Bicycle Project in Ghana has just been picked up and taken to the port of Felixstowe. Loaded with 381 bikes, dozens of bags stuffed full of spare parts and hundreds of wheels, tyres and other large spares packed loose, the shipment is due to arrive in 3 weeks time. Many of the bikes will go to projects run by VBP in rural areas of Ghana but some of the spare parts are earmarked for the aptly named "No Rush In Life" bicycle workshop that Re-Cycle is encouraging and doing its best to support, albeit from afar.

Anyone who has visited Ghana will have seen that most of the small enterprises - shops, kiosks, street food vendors and workshops that line the roads in towns and village have religious phrases forming part of their names. Examples might include "In God We Trust Taxi Service", "God Is Merciful Dressmaking", "Walk With The Lord Cold Drinks" or "Fishers Of Men Woodworking". Prosper and Bernard, the two mechanics who set up "The No Rush In Life Bicycle Workshop" chose a name that no doubt reflects their own beliefs! Ghana is in the same time zone as the UK except that GMT is known locally as Ghana Maybe Time. Things get done but not always immediately, if not today it will happen tomorrow - no rush.