Leon gets a job - May 2012

One of our volunteers has just got himself a job as a bike mechanic. Leon first came to Re~Cycle in March 2010 on a 6 month extended work experience scheme funded by the Future Jobs Fund. After his 26 paid weeks, Leon continued to come in several times a week as an unpaid volunteer.

He quickly became a popular and highly valued member of our team and brought great enthusiasm and a welcome injection of youthful vigour. Sadly despite the 6 months valuable work experience, Leon was still unable to find paid employment.

Leon began spending as much time as he could assisting and learning from our mechanics Matt and Richard. Through Re~Cyce he recently managed, with funding assistance from the Colchester Job Centre, to gain the Cytech Level 1 Bike Maintenance qualification and has now found employment with a local bike shop. Although only a few hours a week initially, he hopes that it will build up to full time.

All at Re~Cycle are delighted to have given Leon a hand in achieving the start of his ambition and wish him every well deserved success. Although our aim is first and foremost to help people in Africa, we also help people in the UK, to widen the benefit and impact of our work.

All down to the power of a bike!