1st shipment of 2012 on its way to Malawi

Our first shipment loaded on the 3rd February is now on its long journey to Malawi. Loaded with 437 bikes and hundreds of spare parts of all shapes and sizes, the container sailed from Felixstowe an is due to arrive at Lilongwe on the 24th April. On arrival, our partner, Salvo Bikes, a project set up by The Salvation Army International Division as part of its Anti Child Trafficking work, will arrange onward transport to the final destination Mchinji near the boarder with Zambia.

This is the second shipment we have sent to this partner and all involved have been delighted at the popularity of the bikes with local people and the success of the newly refitted and expanded bike workshop housed in an old shipping container that we sent loaded with the first shipment of bikes.

As well as the easy to envisage benefit of the bicycles, the workshop employs two bike mechanics and this additional benefit of creating local emplyoment has encouraged the project to create an additional workshop on the site of the Anti Child Trafficking refuge that will teach tailoring and dressmaking skills that will no doubt offer futher work creation opportunities. We are very proud to support the great work the project undertakes.