Collecting bikes in the Ipswich area

Thanks to the efforts of our long term supporter Kevin Ablitt (Ipswich's well known Bicycle Doctor), donations of bicycles from the Ipswich area are building up. Kevin has been collecting bicycles, mainly in the evening, and then bringing them down to our warehouse to be included in the next shipment out to Africa. If you have an unwanted bike that you would like to given a new lease of life please ring Kevin 07887 788 972 to arrange a collection.

It would however be extremely helpful to have somewhere to store the bikes until the next delivery to Colchester. If you have an unused garage or large shed or even something a little larger still, Kevin would be delighted to hear from you. It would help to increase the number of bikes we collect and ship and ultimately, increase the number of people in Africa who benefit. Thank you and thanks to all who have donated bikes and supported our work.