Tools - Problems & Fixes

This page is for our African partners for any technical issues about bike tools.

We get donations of 'normal' tools, such as spanners, files, vices, from our partners organisations, Tools With a Mission (TWAM) and Tools for Self Reliance (TFSR). This tends to be more for start up projects, though please ask if you need something.

We can buy bike specific tools at a cheap rate, for African partners to purchase. For example chain tools or freewheel removers. We have prepared a tool list for setting up new projects.

Royal Mail (RM)

Bottom bracket tool

Q: VBP have requested a better tool than the one in the photo to take off the bottom bracket cup.

A man fixing a bike with a specialised tool

If they cant work on them, they have to replace them, as in the photo below

A bicycle

A: FAG Bottom Bracket Tool

Re~Cycle can purchase these.

Problem is that in the RM bikes they're plastic, and they can get rusted on, so even with the correct tool they can often break.

What RM do is take the non-chain ring crank arm off, cut a line on the plastic and then hammer the whole thing through and out the other side.

Crank tool

RM use a bolt to remove the crank, just screw it into the thread where the dust cap might go.