City Cycle Style event a huge success

Re~Cycle had an amazing event at Smithfield Market in London on Friday evening, kindly put on by the City of London.

It was a much bigger event than I'd anticipated.  I figured they'd got a meeting room somewhere in the building - however they blocked off one end of the road that runs through it, was huge!

Only pity is that more people didn't come, missed out on a great party.

More fun to come in Wimbledon this Saturday, at the Wheely Big Bicycle Drop from 11-3.

BIG Thanks to Jenette and the City of London, Abel and Cole for fabulous food and the brave Re~Cycle volunteers, formidable "Iron" Rob Forbes.  Big thanks to Rita, for pulling the whole thing together.

Storage in London is still needed - 6,000 square feet with container access for a main point, and smaller for spoke to feed in bikes.

After party was good fun, if rather loud.  Met a great designer who's come up with innovative (and award winning) cycle parking designs.  There was an interesting looking bike parking thing which I locked up to, with a car shape on it.  Only later when looking at a postcard with the car 'parked' in a line of parked cars did is see the revolutionary beauty of the design, and its not their first invention -

Ended the evening doing some Tai Chi on the middle of the millennium bridge, which really came together.