How to raise money for your sponsored ride


  • First send the page to people who're likely to donate more - as others following will be more likely to donate similar amounts, or at least be generous
  • Put the length of your ride down
  • Delete the 'default' photo and put in one of your own


  • Most companies like to support their employees in charitable work, as employees are 'stakeholders'
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Many employers have a charity pot
  • Matched Funding, eg. For every £1 raised for Re~Cycle, we will match with another £1

Work colleagues




If you're doing a BIG ride...

  • Get some 'ground support' to help with publicity
  • Look here for ideas to sell your story
  • We may be able to help with visa advice and applications
  • We can put up a separate page for this, just stick ideas here for now...