Rob's Tri4Africa 19,000km ride, swim and run from the UK to Africa - 1st October 2009

On the 1st October 2009, Rob started his massive sponsored bike ride, swim and run to South Africa, and has already raised a very impressive £13,442 for Re~Cycle!

We're amazed and impressed and thank and salute him.

As if cycling 19,000km across 21 countries through some of the most remote and rugged terrain in West Africa wasn't enough of a mission (phew!), he's planning to make it an "ultra triathlon" by braving sharks and ships in swimming the Strait of Gibraltar and running an "ultra-marathon" of 56 miles (89km) in South Africa. He plans to visit a number of Re~Cycle's partner projects on route and conclude this epic physical and mental challenge by donating his bike to a partner project in South Africa.

He may sound like a nutter (hell, he's got to be a nutter!), but Merlin and Derek have spent two days with him in Colchester, one planning the trip and organising support along the way, and one he helped loading a container of bikes.

If you wish to follow his progress, donate or get involved please visit his website -

He writes a brief and entertaining blog, when he's got signal.

Update - Rob has swum the straits of Gibraltar, 6.5 hours, 25km, details here.