How many bikes do you think can fit into a shipping container?

Each year we've been increasing the number of bikes we can fit into a shipping container. Last year we were averaging roughly 450 bicycles per shipment, but we've started to get REALLY good at packing - just have a look at the photo above, every inch of space is being used to its full potential.

Our 20th container of the year was a real record breaker - we managed to pack in a stonking 543 bicycles - a new personal record. This container will be going to our partner Glad's House, a charity that supports children and young people living and working on the streets of Mombasa, Kenya. Glad's House sell the bikes we send them from their own bike shop. This provides them with income and helps fund their core programmes, staff salaries, foster care placements and school fees. If that wasnt enough, they also provide employment and training opportunities for young people!