8 Hamilton Walk
NR29 4TB
United Kingdom
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Please email Matthew Hodder (yarecycle@gmx.co.uk) to arrange a convenient time to drop off your bike.

Yarecycle – a social enterprise for bicycle recycling in Great Yarmouth

The story is in the name, Yare cycle, Yeah! Recycle, bikes.

Our Mission is to:

Reducing the number of bicycles entering the waste system either as scrap metal or landfill; saving bicycles.

Benefiting the wider community. Cyclists and those who would like to become cyclists will benefit from the offer of recycled bicycles for sale, which may otherwise have been scrapped.

Recycling bicycles in Great Yarmouth, from various sources including scrap metal recycling facilities, waste recycling sites and public donations.

Making bicycles useful once more by either returning them to working condition or by breaking them down into spare parts for the repair of other bicycles.

Offering affordable bicycles for sale with particular emphasis on offering bicycles to people in need of transport for work or education.

Offering a cost effective bicycle repair service to cyclists.

Selling bicycle accessories and spare parts.

Promoting safe & healthy cycling in Great Yarmouth.

Yarecycle – We recycle, service and repair bicycles in Great Yarmouth.

Yarecycle are happy to receive donated bikes for Re~Cycle and will send them to our warehouse in Colchester.