Celebrate Cycling

Celebrate Cycling

Join Re~Cycle this September to celebrate all things cycling and help us to send bikes to Africa. We know here in the UK that cycling is a popular hobby and enjoyed by many for exercise, enjoyment and travelling. In Africa the benefits of bike ownership are life changing and really can significantly enhance lifestyles through wealth creation, access to education, and access to facilities.

We're asking you to have some fun with cycling and help us send more bikes to Africa. You can do anything at all you like but we've given you some suggestions below. £20 can help us to send a bike, so let's get that next container filled!

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Are you a keen cyclist or someone who wishes they got out on their bike more? Why not challenge yourself to a greater distance this September and ask people to sponsor you. Or take part in an organised ride and enjoy a different route.

Could you organise a ride with your friends and family? Instead of stopping for a pub lunch maybe take a picnic and donate the difference to Re~Cycle. Remember, it only takes £20 to help us get a bike to Africa.

Or perhaps you could cycle to work for a week this September? You'll get fitter, be doing you bit for the environment, and you might find you like it.  Donate your bus fare or petrol costs to help us get those bikes to Africa!

From your home

You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home to celebrate the joys of cycling. Why not organise a night in to watch the Tour de Britain? Invite your friends around, provide some cycling nibbles, and ask them to make a donation to help us fill our container of bikes.

How about hosting the last barbeque of the summer and turning those burgers into cycling wheels - we look forward to seeing your creations.

At work

Celebrating is always better with others so why not get your colleagues together to celebrate cycling this September.

Could you have an office cake sale? Why not challenge others to a bake-off challenge with a twist. Dont forget every £20 worth of cakes helps us to send a bike to Africa.

Perhaps you could organise a work cycle ride - or even a slow bicycle ride and encourage colleagues to get on their bikes, have fun, and raise some money.

Or could you simply have a collecting pot on a public desk?

With friends

Why not turn a September night out or weekend fun into a celebration of cycling either on your bikes or not.

Could you host a pub quiz at your local? Or hold a collection at a Sunday service? Perhaps you could get the kids to do a sponsored cycle around the park or get the local scouts involved.

However you decide to celebrate cycling don't forget that it's very easy to make a real difference with every £20 helping us send another bike to Africa.

Please get in touch to find out more, get some ideas and help, and to tell us your plans.

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