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42% of African school children will leave school early, with about one in six leaving before Grade 2.

Bicycles play an essential role in keeping children in education, especially as they get older and have to travel further afield for secondary school. A bicycle can cut journey times by as much as 75% and means that students can travel in safety to and from school.

With a bicycle students have more time and energy to focus on their studies!


Meet Bernice, Adjidji and Mary, all from Alafiye, a small village in Ghana’s Awutu Senya district. All three girls learned to ride a bicycle when our partners at Village Bicycle Project visited their school. The next day, they attended a maintenance course and then collected bikes of their own.

When asked what difference a bicycle makes in their lives, the girls told us that they no longer need to wake at 4am to reach school on time. With a bicycle, the journey takes a quarter of the time needed to walk!

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