Wonder Years Centre of Excellence (WYCE) - The Gambia

WYCE graduates in Gambia with their bicycles supplied by Re~Cycle

The Wonder Years Centre of Excellence is a UK registered charity working in the rural South Kombo area..

WYCE have established a nursery and lower basic school educating approximately 400 children aged from three to twelve, in addition to providing a primary health care clinic. The team has also established a number of small income-generating activities in the area to support the project, which provides much-needed jobs, income and opportunity for the villagers. Central to the project is Re~Cycle funded Bike Repair Workshop. 

The workshop has two bike mechanics, and they wish to offer apprenticeships. From the first shipment of 460 Re~Cycle bikes received in November 2013 they made a good profit and sold all the bikes. WYCE received a second shipment of 443 bikes in November 2014. Forty bikes were also given to students graduating from the WYCE primary school to Gunjur upper basic school. These children were typically walking 5km each way to continue their education, now they ride and complete the journey in a fraction of the time!

Our Impact:
  • Supporting a local community to generate income
  • Offering improved mobility for the village
  • Providing people with new skills and opportunities
  • Providing bicycle for children to help them get to school outside the village
Bikes sent SINCE 2013:

2,542 (as at March 2017)


Wonder Years Centre of Excellence Bike Story

The WYCE School loans bikes to their students to help them get to school quickly and safely. Khalifa Touray is one of the latest bike recipients – the bike will enable her to travel to the nearest Upper Basic School (the equivalent to a middle school in the UK) after having recently graduated from the WYCE Lower Basic School (primary) last year. Without her bike she would have to walk roughly 5km each way to and from school.


You can provide transport, access to education, and income for people who need it most. Your contribution will help bicycle projects in Africa.

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