Kaloko Trust

Kaloko Trust Zambia

Established in 1995, the Kaloko Trust is a UK-based charity, which works to relieve poverty and raise livelihoods in rural communities in Zambia, southern Africa. Re~Cycle has been working with the Kaloko Trust from some time now, but it wasn’t until 2009 that we shipped out first full container of bikes to a new bike project, supported by The Kaloko Trust.

Five years on and we’ve shipped nearly 3000 bicycles out to Zambia! With such a large number of quality bikes now in circulation, there is a great need for spare parts and people to repair them. The Kaloko trust has established two fully operational bike shops in the Luansobe area of Zambia.

Spare parts play an incredibly important role in keeping these bicycle shops sustainable, allowing the Kaloko trust to pay the mechanics that assemble and prepare the bikes prior to their sale. This is all part of what we call the revolving fund, providing the means for bicycle shops to operate at low cost while providing transport options for the local community at a fraction of their market value.

Bike tools
Bike tools are hard to come by in Zambia, with a hammer and screwdriver being used for most jobs. Using such tools is incredibly time consuming compared to using a specific bike tool, and often leads to damaged parts, especially when removing the freewheel (rear cogs) from a back wheel.

hammer and nail bike tool

Many full time mechanics use a hammer and nail instead of a “chain tool” again leading to damage and wasted time. Following a visit to Luansobe from one of our master mechanics Richard Evans, we sent out specialised tool kits, which were given to two groups of mechanics.

The Kaloko Trust’s director Dr Lewis Jere recently retired after leading the trust for 10 years. We are very sorry to see him go, but he’s been replaced with someone who has a lot of experience with Kaloko! Mr Willard Chitimbo is now the new Zambia director. He's had experience in a host of NGO roles and has made a strong start with Kaloko. We look forward to working with Willard and sending them even more bikes in the years to come!