Re~Cycle Holds First Partner Event

What a day! On Wednesday the 9th of June, Re~Cycle brought together all its UK based partners to share their ideas and experiences. This was a brilliant opportunity for the partners to meet one another, discuss best practice and for us to get an understanding of how to better support our partners in 2014 and beyond!

The partners in attendance were:

Glad’s House, Kaloko Trust, Salvation Army International Development Team and The Wonder Years Centre of Excellence.

The discussions proved to be incredibly insightful and did a lot to increase Re~Cycle’s awareness of key issues faced by the partners. This included the need for basic business training for the workshops, to follow on from the mechanic training we provided in the past few months and how import duties were causing issues for some of our partners.

The day proved to be a great success and as a result, Re~Cycle will be holding a partner event at least once a year!