With your help, we've already sent over 4,500 bikes to Africa this year!

Re~Cycle April 2015

Since the end of April we have sent 10 containers of bicycles to our partners in Africa, loaded with a total of 4,509 bikes. That’s more bikes than we sent in the whole of 2012!

Recent shipments to The Village Bicycle Project in Ghana and The Kaloko Trust in Zambia have set new records for the number of bikes loaded - over 500 in each compared to an average of 428 bikes per container last year. 

The total number of bikes sent now stands at 65,317 and although it wasn't long ago that our 60,000th bike arrived in Kenya, we are now looking forward to the next milestone of 70,000 bikes!

Village bicycle Project bikes heading to the upper west region of the Ghana.

Another container of Re~Cycle bikes being delivered to our Ghanaian partners Ability Bikes Cooperative.

Thanks to Re~Cycle the interest in bicycle repairs has reached the students of WYCE School. Saul, who has been on a training programme for bicycle repairs and maintenance has a group of students who come to the lodge to learn new skills!

This year we’ve already managed to send four containers full of bikes to the Village Bicycle Project! They’ve been incredibly busy in 2015, running bike programmes across Ghana that provide affordable transport, maintenance workshops and riding classes to help schoolchildren become confident riders!