X-Europe Tour 2015

Since 2010, Sven and Frank have been tackling their Glasgow to Istanbul X-Europe Tour in 5-day legs each summer. They are currently cycling the next leg from Innsbruck to Triest in Italy! The pair will finish the tour on the bridge across the Bosporus, the gateway to Asia in the summer of 2019.

"In 1991, a year after the German border opened, Sven and I spontaneously packed our bicycles into the car and drove to Ribnitz Damgarten for a two-day bike tour along the coast of the Baltic Sea until we reached Zingst on the Darß. Inspired by this experience we immediately planned the next trip for the following year. And after this second trip, there was no doubt that a tradition was born for Sven" Frank

They’re doing this all in support of Re~Cycle, for which we can’t thank them enough. If you’d like to help them reach their £5,000 goal and Re~Cycle in the process, please visit: www.justgiving.com/x-Europe/ 

For more info about the X-Europe-Tour and many pictures from the first 2,500 km, you can visit their web page www.across-europe-tour.com 

You can also follow their progress via the X-Europe Tour Facebook page.


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