We did it! Our 100,000 bike is loaded.

Following a fantastic event yesterday - our 100,000th bike is now loaded ready to be shipped to The Gambia. 

It was a day full of celebration, reflecting on the past 20 years and announcing new projects such as the Cycle to School project starting soon in The Gambia, Ghana and Sierra Leone. 

Attended by The Mayor of Colchester Peter Chillingworth, together with Re-cycle volunteers, staff members and partners, the day started with an introduction by our Managing Director, Vince Langdon-Morris, followed by a brief tour of our warehouse before loading the actual 100,000th bike to be sent to Africa. 

Speaking on behalf of Re-Cycle at the event, Vince said "This momentous achievement could only have happened thanks for our kind, generous donors, dedicated volunteers and committed staff. A single bike makes a real difference in Africa so knowing that we've sent 100,000 is quite something."   

Unfortunately, our Patron Chris Boardman was unable to attend but sent these kind words.

Finally, the grateful recipents of this container (Wonder Years of Excellence) sent this.

Great work everyone!