Village Bicycle Project March Programme

Following last months’ introduction to Jason, the Country Director in Ghana for our partner - Village Bicycle Project, we’ve got some great news as to share regarding a Re~Cycle funded programme that ran over the month of March. 

Jason, Prosper, Akapo, Abdul and Sammy of the Village Bicycle Project held 12 one-day workshops within the Brong-Ahafo Region to accompany every one of the 254 bicycles they delivered. This was a fantastic chance for new recipients to learn basic repair and maintenance skills to accompany their new bike.

The team then ran 4 Tools-workshops – an advanced learning course open to anyone who attended the One-Day workshop, wherein participants could purchase the tools they’ve been taught to use.

Village Bicycle Project programs

Programmes were held in 3 villages (highlighted in red), located in the far west of the Brong-Ahafo Region right near the Ivorian Border.


Biama -  Ghana - Village Bicycle Project

Biama has a population of 200 – with no light, water or health clinic, the residents are totally dependant on Bodaa for amenities, so having a bicycle makes everyday life much easier. A total of 40 bicycles were delivered along with some high quality tools for the local fitter to use for maintaining the bikes.


Bodaa Ghana Village Bicycle Project

Unlike Biama, Bodaa is a little better off – with access to power and a bus stop. This was the third time in 5 years that Village Bicycle Project had run workshops in Bodaa, with 60 bikes being delivered this time around. The Biama and Bodaa programmes ran concurrently in Biama and it was fantastic to see the previous recipients with the bicycles they’d been given as long as four years ago!


Asiri Ghana Village Bicycle Project

This is the third time that Village Bicycle Project had held workshops in Asiri, a much larger village that serves as the last transport link for half a dozen smaller villages beyond it. A brilliant total of 160 bikes were delivered, with many of the previous programme participants attending workshops.

Asiri Ghana Village Bicycle Project 2

Many of the bicycles went to farmers, as the three villages where the bikes were delivered are situated within a large cashew growing community. Farmers often have to commute between multiple farms because their land is spread across patches, a bike saves them vital time and energy. With the cashew harvest coming into full swing, it was perfect timing as the bikes prove to be invaluable to their work.

Village Bicycle Project March Programme

The programme being delivered is now at its most effective and it’s fantastic to see that Jason and the Village Bicycle Project are now leaving behind skills and tools that will make a huge difference to these villagers lives. Having attracted hundreds of people during the course of their workshops, it’s also the most successful programme of 2014 so far!

Village Bicycle Project Ghana April

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