An update from Namibia

Derek and Merlin have been visiting other workshops with Michael Linke, founder and director of BEN Namibia:

Brief update, as sending as email via mobile, Very Slow up country... 

Getting a better understanding of how BEN operate.

Hard Working Men's Bicycle Shop:

  • Moses drove us to visit the Jane, the head of Catholic AIDS Action, who support all the projects in this region. The projects give 10% of their profits to CAA, to help their work, such as taking children to a holiday camp, providing school uniforms and supplies, and feeding programs
  • he has helped very good community mobiliser, networking between the three local shops
  • moving their container to a lovely new location on a main road, next to where the pensions are paid out monthly

Tuliwonde Bicycle Shop:

  • a great team, with women mechanics. They'd really like better quality bikes than those they're getting from the current supplier (which is not Re~Cycle)
  • made a short film with them, what they like, what some of their challenges are
  • met a ranger who'd brought in a Chinese bike for a new tyre, after he'd only had it for a week