TV Programme inspires young people to make a difference in Africa

The Lawton family from Kent sat down together one evening to watch The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, a BBC documentary about a comedian travelling beyond his comfort zone to different parts of the world to see if their stereotypes are right.  This particular episode was about Ethiopia (in East Africa).


The Lawton’s three children; Harrison (13), Amelia (11) and Gracie (8) were touched by the happiness and resolve of the population despite the poverty they faced. Inspired by what they’d seen, the three pupils from Wellesley House school thought about those less fortunate them and cleared out their shed to see what they could find. 

Like many other homes in the UK, there sat four bikes, all of which were no longer used and gathering dust. After some research on the internet, they found us (Re-Cycle)! They read our story about Peter's bike and decided they wanted to do the same.

Transporting bikes can be difficult and getting bikes to our warehouse is one of the biggest challenges we face. Harrison, Amelia and Gracie's nearest drop off point was 6 miles away at the Halfords store in Herne Bay. Although the bikes were far too small for them, they rode them anyway - happy and pleased that they were helping someone in Africa.

When they arrive at our warehouse, the bikes will be prepped (compacted) before being loaded into a container. Our next container is going to our Partner Koloko Trust in Zambia. The charity helps people living in Koloko (an extremely remote and rural area in Zambia) to improve access to food, water and education for the local community. For more information about where our bikes go, visit our website

Do you have a bike sitting in your shed? If you do, please consider donating it now #target100kbikes