Re~Cycle Announced as Official StreetVelodrome Series Charity Partner

We are excited to announce that Re~Cycle is the official charity partner of The StreetVelodrome Series 2015.

The StreetVelodrome Series is the World’s only pop-up velodrome event. Within hours, any high street or public space is turned into a track cycling arena; offering a new level of spectator involvement and creating a completely new competition for both professional and amateur riders. The televised StreetVelodrome Series 2015 will take teams of pro riders around the country. The teams will be joined by the locally qualifying amateur riders helping them compete for the top slot on the series medal table. All riders compete on identically prepared single speed race bikes. Entry to the event for participants and spectators is completely free. The series will be televised in the UK and overseas in more than 180 countries. 

During the course of the StreetVelodrome Series, participants and visitors to each round of the Series will be encouraged to get behind Re~Cycle’s important work.  More details of the campaign which will be an integral part of the 2015 UK StreetVelodrome Series will be announced shortly.

Series Director Carl Thompson commented “We think the work Re~Cycle is doing is invaluable. The positive impact of increased access to cycling is evident in our own communities, but this is amplified greater still in those areas of Africa where Re~Cycle is making an impact. The StreetVelodrome ‘It’s In Our DNA’ message is all about getting existing cyclists to be great ambassadors for their sport and to be part of our objective of bring cycling to more people. That’s why we jumped at the chance to work with Re~Cycle and to help facilitate the remarkable impact they are having in Africa.

Merlin Matthews, Founder and CEO of Re~Cycle said ”We are thrilled to be working with StreetVelodrome who like Re~Cycle are committed to delivering long lasting benefits to communities through the power of bicycles.  Since 1997, Re~Cycle has sent over 60,000 bikes to its trusted partners in Africa, helping over 360,000 people.  With the public’s support, our partnership with StreetVelodrome will help us ensure even more people in Africa have access to a bicycle and all the benefits which it brings.  

Look out for more information about our partnership, coming soon. For more information on StreetVelodrome and the UK Series, visit