The Need for Tools in Africa

Re~Cycle tools

The next time you send your bicycle to the high street repair shop ask if you can take a sneak peak at their workshop. Hopefully you see dozens of hand tools neatly hanging in meticulous order a top clean and tidy work benches. If so, you’re in the right place! The bicycle is after all, an assembly of parts, and its repair and upkeep requires dedicated, quality tools and years of training and experience. And its no different in Africa, except those tools are much harder to come by.

The videos below, shot in Mankessim in Ghana’s Central Region, show the ingenuity and skill of one roadside repairer splitting and rejoining a chain without a rivet extractor. Though masterfully done, with the correct tool, this repair could be completed quicker, more accurately and with less risk of damage. As part of our work in Africa, we’re making sure each of our partners is equipped with the necessary tools, skills and working spaces needed to repair and maintain the bicycles we send them. This way, we’re giving each bicycle the best chance of serving its new owner for many years to come.