More bikes for Ghana!

Unloading Re~Cycle Bikes

Another container of bikes has reached our partners Village Bicycle Project in Ghana! Bikes from this container will be loaded for One-Day workshop programmes in Karimenga (Upper East Region) and Nsuta (Brong-Ahafo Region). VBP’s One-Day workshop is a day-long hands-on preventative maintenance course, aimed at preparing new bicycle owners with skills/knowledge to know when their bicycle is experiencing a problem; how to fix it or seek professional assistance early on.

This will be the team’s second trip to Karimenga - first visiting in April 2015 with 60 bicycles. Due to the success of that programme, the team are returning with 120 bicycles. This will be VBP’s first time hosting workshops in Nsuta, however, they have hosted a Learn-2-Ride programme there - teaching 101 girls to ride in 3 weeks. It’s hoped that many of these new riders will attend the workshop.

Nsuta is  large cashew-producing area and many of the respondents are likely to be farmers, commuting from the roadside town to farmlands north and south of the Sunyani road. A journey on foot to a field 4 km away (about 1 hour) reduces the time available for field work by 25% and uses up three times as many calories as travelling by bicycle (LOWE 1991). With many farmers working on multiple patches, located kilometers apart, a bicycle saves vital energy and time needed to make their work a success!

Many thanks to all the staff who helped make this possible, as well as all our wonderful bike donors!

If you’ve got an old bike that’s collecting dust in your shed, visit our BIKE donations page where you’ll be able to quickly find your closest drop-off point.

Nsuta (Brong-Ahafo Region)
Nsuta (Brong-Ahafo Region)