Latest shipment to Ghana - 11 December 2009

Another shipment of 363 bikes has just left our warehouse and is now on its way to The Village Bicycle Project in Ghana.  There were slightly less bicycles loaded this time but an extra large quantity of spare parts and tyres, many donated by Recyke-yer-Bike in Newcastle and OWL Bikes in Cambridge, were sent.

50 of the bikes and a portion of the spare parts are being shared with a new project - Ezetela - which is being supported by our long standing supporter and volunteer, Jason Finch, who is spending 12 months in Ghana.

Jason is also visiting both existing and new potential partners whilst he is there and providing valuable feedback to and from Re~Cycle and is also encouraging our partners to share and exchange information and ideas.  Hopefully Rob Forbes will have time during his epic bike ride from Cirencester to Cape Town (see separate news story, below, for more information) to meet up with Jason and see at first hand, some of the great work that our partners do.