It was twenty years ago today........

20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.

15 years ago today (well more or less), in July 1998, Re~Cycle shipped it's first container of bicycles to Afribike in South Africa. Since then a total of 127 full containers have been sent to 15 different countries. Thats a total of more than 47,000 bikes and hundreds of thousands of spare parts.

It is thought that each bike may be shared by up to 6 people so we have enabled more than a quarter of a million people have access to affordable transport. Alongside this hundreds of bicycle mechanics jobs have been created in Africa at the projects and workshops run by our partners and we have offered volunteer opportunities to thousands of people in the UK who have helped collect, prepare and load the containers. Lastly but not least, tens of thousands of people in the UK have donated bikes and/or money to make it happen.

That's a mighty number of people that Re~Cycle has had the privilege to have worked with or supported and we send our thanks and very best wishes to each and every one.