Hot, humid & very noisy but also very exciting - April 2012

Derek, long serving employee and manager of our Colchester hub, is in Ghana for the first time.  He's visiting partners to get feedback about how we can help them more, tailor our shipments and generally improve what we do.

Living in rural areas with little access to technology, the only contact we've had is through text messages, but they are certainly telling!

1. Meeting with some people from The Village Bicycle Project. They love Re~Cycle but would like us to send them more shipments!

2. Travelling back to Korforidua early tomorrow to spend the day with Ability Bikes Cooperative. The container we sent last month was received recently and they are very pleased with the load. They are truly inspiring and we can take great pride in supporting their work.

We can't wait to hear more from Derek and use the feedback to improve our operations :)