Glad's House campaign for Street Kids in Mombasa, Kenya

"On Saturday 30th July 2016, we were delighted to officially launch the Mombasa Resolution in front of MP, The Honourable Abdul Swamad Nassir and County Executive of the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Sports, Mr Mohammed Abas, the Chief Officer of the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Sports, Mr Rajab Babu, other Government Officials including the Municipal Council Inspectorate, the Department of Children’s Services,  Area Chiefs, Community Members, other Stakeholders, Partners and of course, children and young people living on the streets.

As part of our on going commitment to advocating for the rights of children and young people, in March 2016 we undertook a Consultation with 54 children and young people that were currently living on the streets or had left the streets and were in the care of Glad’s House. The Consultation spanned three days and the recommendations were submitted to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, who are currently writing a General Comment on Children in Street Situations.

From this document we created the Mombasa Resolution, which contains 8 key demands that the children and young people of Mombasa are asking of Local and National Government to ensure they have access to some of their key rights. You can read the full Mombasa Resolution here:

Two of the incredible young people in our care, Khadija and Kenedy, read the Mombasa Resolution to the crowd and presented it to The Honourable Abdul Swamad Nassir, MP for Mvita.  He has kindly agreed to present the Mombasa Resolution in Parliament and so ensure our children and young people’s voices are heard at the highest level in the country. Mr Nassir has also very generously agreed to support 10 young people in training opportunities and 10 children in school.

Bokey, our Director, said, “The whole day was so important as it marked a huge moment for Glad’s House and our Advocacy work.  Our Mombasa Resolution being presented to an MP who agreed to share in Parliament! Change only comes through Politicians and through the County Government. Through building strong relationships with Local and National Government we can make real and lasting change for the children and young people on the streets of Mombasa”

If you would like any more information on our Advocacy Programme or any other aspects of our work please don't hesitate to get in touch with Glad's House"

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